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Middle School to High School Course Opt-In

Mark Reporting > Entry & Reports > Student > Transcript Summary
Find the Course in the Transcript Courses List that the student took in Junior High/Middle School but would like to have count towards High School credit now and click on the hyperlink to see the Mark Entry by Student page:
The system will show you what building type the course has on it in the Master Schedule. This allows you to verify that the course is not being used for High School credit. On the Course Information panel, select or enter the High School Building Type in the Additional Building Type field and click Save.
Before printing a transcript for a student after making a change like this, you must do the following:

  1. Course Credit Calculation (Mark Reporting > Utilities > Calculations > Course Credit Calculation). On this page, make sure that you select Run Calculation For: From Current Year back through Year the Course Was Taken.
  2. Calculate GPA (Mark Reporting > Utilities > Calculations > GPA Calculation). On this page, make sure that select Run Calculation For: Everything Through the Prompted RC Run/Term/Year.
  3. Generate Transcript Data Warehouse. You could skip this step if you check the Refresh Transcript Data Before Print on the Print Transcripts page (Mark Reporting > Entry & Reports > Transcript Reports > Print Transcripts).

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