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May 2022 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_21.4.26.0



Release Note

ESP-73199Print Transcripts

Updated the WA Transcript logic to display all Entry/Withdrawal records in the School Attended section.

If the school name is the same and the dates align (without a break for another school), the school will be listed only one time with the minimum entry date as the Entry Date and the maximum exit date as the Exit Date. If the student is currently enrolled in that school, the Exit Date will be blank.

ESP-72867Create CEDARS Download/Extract

Updated the processing to remove the Work-based Learning Activities column in the Student Schedule and Grade History files for the School Year 2021.

ESP-72152Create CEDARS Download/Extract

Added course-section as a separate column in the .CSV file for all the errors and warnings in the Student Schedule download and extract.

ESP-71627Validation Tables
  • Added code Y to the WA Seal of Biliteracy Assessment/Provider validation table.
  • Added code K124 to the WA Career Launch Program Type validation table.
  • Updated the description for K121, K122, K123 of the WA Career Launch Program Type validation table.
  • Retired code 8 from the WA Reason for Late Evaluation validation table.
  • Retired code 11 from the WA Reason for IEP After Grade 3 validation table.
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