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January 2021 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_19.4.32.0
  • ESP_19.11.24.0
  • ESP_20.4.17.0



Release Note

ESP-45742CEDARS Special Education Programs

CEDARS File K PreK fields are now mapped correctly from the WASED Programs.

This fix is applicable only to ESP_20.4.17.0.

ESP-45694Create CEDARS Download/Extract

The CEDARS extract file label now includes the district’s State Code Equiv value for the Student Non-Traditional Credit Attempt text file.

This fix is applicable only to ESP_20.4.17.0.

ESP-45669State Course Codes

The new State Course Codes now include the leading zero to match the state’s codes which are 5 characters in length.

This fix is applicable only to ESP_20.4.17.0.

ESP-45312Student Supports (V) - Interventions Used

The WA Student Support page includes new fields for tracking Interventions Used.

  • Each new field is a drop-down populated by the new WA Interventions Used validation table.
  • The WA Interventions Used table is populated with the valid list of interventions provided by the state.
  • The new fields will be joined together to form a comma-separated list in the download record.

Also, the existing Intervention Used field label has been changed to Intervention Used(Do not use). This field is only for historical purposes and will not be processed for submissions.

This fix is applicable only to ESP_20.4.17.0.

ESP-45834WA CEDARS Download/Extract

For 2021, the CEDARS Grade History File H element H31 is automatically set to 1 for past school years. H31 should only be populated if the CIPCode is not null and the Course School Year H30 is set to a school year of 2021 or after. Added the Course School year condition for H31.

ESP-46146WA CEDARS Extract

CEDARS Extract now runs without error if you use a filter for Entry/Withdrawal values.

This fix is applicable only to ESP_20.4.17.0.

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