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Interventions Setup

Interventions Validation Tables

Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables > select Interventions on Applications drop-down

Before you can report Student Discipline (P) records or Student Exclusionary Discipline (R) records through the Create CEDARS Download/Extract option, you need to set up State Code Equiv values in the following Discipline validation tables: Incident/Offense Codes, Offense Actions, and Weapons. Also, you need to associate Severity Orders with Incident/Offense Codes in the Incident/Offense Codes list and Action Codes in the Offense Actions table. Severity Order creates a hierarchy of priority among Incident/Offense Codes and Action Codes, with Severity Order 1 having the highest priority. In a case where a student has more than one offense for a single discipline incident, the CEDARS download creates a Student Discipline record for the offense with the highest priority Severity Order. It uses this method if an incident has multiple Action Codes as well. The Student Exclusionary Discipline file works the same way.

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