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How Much Data Gets Sent in Each File

Every vector for the school year picked in the prompts:

  • District Student
  • School Student
  • Programs (including English Learners and Special Ed)

Schedule records from the beginning of the school year through the End Date selected with the Create CEDARS Download/Extract option:

  • Staff Schedule (based on Staff Date Tracking through Primary Staff link in Master Schedule)
  • Student Schedule

All records every time:

  • Student Grade History

Current value(s) as of the extract end date:

  • Student Race
  • Student Ethnicity
  • Staff Information
  • Location
  • Course Catalog

Discipline offenders for incidents in the prompted school year and within prompted Start and End Date range:

  • Student Discipline

Student attendance codes and dates for absences in the prompted school year and Start and End Date range, taking into account selected Attendance View and absence codes:

  • Student Absence

Student Schedule (E) and Non-Traditional Student Credit Attempt (T) Files > Determining Letter Grades and Credits Earned for a Course-Section

For the CEDARS E and T files, we create records for course-sections based on which Mark Types apply to the course in the Master Schedule and which Marking Periods the course meets. To determine earned credit values, the download uses a building's Mark Reporting Configuration (MR Building Configuration), Assign Credit Overrides setting as follows:

  • If Assign Credit Overrides = C - At the Student Course Level, the download gets Earned Credit from the student's Mark Reporting course record, Course Information panel (mr_stu_hdr.earn_credit). This is the Mark Reporting Detail page for the student course.
  • If Assign Credit Overrides = M - Per Credit Marking Period, the download uses the student course's Mark Reporting Detail page > Marks/Credits/Comments/Absences > Credits section to get Earned Credit based on the Mark Types where credit is awarded. In your database, the Earned Credit values come from mr_stu_mp.


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