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System Setup

District Configuration

Administration > General Setup > District > District
There are several requirements on the District Configuration necessary for Virginia State Reporting.

Preferences Panel:

  • The District Code assigned by the State must be in the State Equivalency Code field.

State ID Assignment Panel:

  • The Require State ID field should be set to N – Use State ID (Not Required)
  • Maximum State ID Length should be set to 10
  • The Length Must Equal Maximum field should not be checked
  • The Automatically Assign State IDs field should be set to N – State IDs are not auto-assigned

Building Configuration

Administration > Registration Setup > Building > Building Definition
For buildings that you need to report to the State, make sure that you update the Preference panel to include the State Equivalency Code.

Also, for the Virginia Transcript to print properly, verify the Building Name (General panel) and Building Address (Main panel) are entered for buildings that will appear on student transcripts.

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