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Menu path: Select Registration from the main menu, select Entry & Reports submenu, select Student Demographic, and then select Programs.

There are several programs that you may need to maintain for a student that are not linked to a baseline or Virginia-specific page. These programs include:

  • CHOIC: VA School Choice: Used to indicate the student's School Choice status code.
  • DIST: VA Distance Learning: Used to indicate if the student has taken at least one distance learning course.
  • EARLY: VA Early College: Used to indicate the student's Early Collect Scholar Program status.
  • ESL: VA ESL Service: Used to indicate the student's English as a Second Language status.
  • HOME: VA Homeless: Used to indicate an unaccompanied youth.
  • SPED: VA Special Ed Percent: will be discussed in a future revision.
  • SRVDS: VA Serving District: Used as an override for the student's Serving Division Number if it is not your District's Division Number.
  • VIRT: VA Virtual Program Code: Used to indicate a student's full-time Virtual Program code.

Additional Information

The stored procedure will insert two records when a Virtual Program Code value is changed from In Class to Virtual for a student with the start date from the Virtual Program page as the entry date.

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