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Attendance Setup

Attendance Validation Tables

Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables > select Attendance > State Groups

In order to report unexcused absences correctly to the State in the Student Record Collection, you must enter at least one Attendance Group for unexcused absences. You will use this when you set up your Attendance Codes.

Attendance Codes

Administration > Attendance Setup > Attendance Codes

Verify the Attendance Code for Unexcused Absence (UNX) has the appropriate Unexcused Absence code selected in the State Group field.

Attendance Views

Administration > Attendance Setup > Setup > Attendance View Setup

The State wants Absence data reported in whole numbers for the Student Record Collection, so you should have a View setup for Virginia State Reporting that converts partial absences to full absences. While the State does want to know the number of Unexcused Absences in the End of Year Student Record Collection submission, we are using State Groups for this, so you do not need to distinguish between excused and unexcused absences in the Convert Code field in your Views.

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