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TREx Import

The TREx Import is a tool that imports a TREx data file so you can compare its information to the information that has already been entered in eSchoolPlus for the transfer student. This utility does not load data into the Registration, Scheduling, or Mark Reporting tables in the eSchoolPlus system.

Viewing TREx Import data for a student

  1. In eSchoolPlus, search for the student by ID or Name in the Quick Search field in the Navigation bar.
  2. If required, select Registration from the main menu, select Entry & Reports submenu, select Student, and then select Student Summary to display the Student Summary page.
  3. Click Additional options, and then select TREx Import.
  4. On the TREx Import Utility page, click Upload Records next to the File Name field.
  5. On the Upload TREx File window, select the xml file to upload and click OK.
  6. To load the data and replace any existing data the student has, select the Clear Existing Data checkbox.
  7. In the Task/Report Name field, enter a name for the task.
  8. Click Run.
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