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TREx Export

To help facilitate student data exchange between school districts and colleges, the state of Texas has mandated that school districts must be able to provide student records in an electronic form (XML). To meet these requirements, the ability to run a TREx Export for a student was added to export student data to an XML file. The actual transfer to the state and then to the receiving school will be accomplished using state supplied software.

The TREx export file includes data from multiple areas of eSchoolPlus. You should verify that information has been calculated appropriately before creating the export file.

  • For attendance totals, verify that Attendance Contact Hours are current on the View Calculated PEIMS Data page. You may need to calculate Day Totals and Attendance Contact Hours if the totals are not up-to-date.
  • For courses, the export includes the mark and credit information. View course history information on the Transcript Summary page and make corrections as needed.
  • If you report the pass fail credit indicator, use the Pass Fail Indicators page to verify the information for the current school year. If necessary, calculate course credit and pass fail indicators. If the student has no pass fail record for a course, the PASS/FAIL-CREDIT-INDICATOR will not be included in the XML file for the course.
  • For immunizations, the export includes information for the immunization series, not the shots. Run the Immunization Validation if immunization doses were added since the last time the validation was run.
  • The export also includes GPA and class rank information for prior years and the current year. Follow your district policies regarding calculating GPA and class rank.
  • The export runs successfully when students have an EOC assessment override with no season/school year assigned.

Exporting TREx Student Data

  1. On a daily basis, login to the Texas Records Exchange system (TREx) and check for pending requests. If there are any inbound requests that are pending, review the information to verify that it matches the student in your district.
  2. In eSchoolPlus, search for the student by ID or Name in the Quick Search field in the Navigation bar.
  3. If required, select Registration from the main menu, select Entry & Reports submenu, select Student, and then select Student Summary to display the Student Summary page.
  4. Click Additional options, and then select TREx Export. The Tasks and Reports page displays so you can monitor the task and open the output when it is completed. Note that the XML file is displayed immediately, but it does not contain data until the task is completed. Do not save the file until after the log file is generated because the log displays when the task is finished. The file will be named as follows: ####LastName_FirstName_stu where #### is the last four digits of the student PEIMS ID.
  5. Review the log file for errors and check the XML file.
  6. When you have confirmed the export is correct, save it to your machine.
  7. Follow TEA procedures to log into the TEAL account and upload the file and submit the data.

Additional Information

All the TREx Export functionality can be used and validated from the revised and updated TREx Bulk Export page.

When TREx Export is run for a single student or a group of students:

  • If GPA By Year is configured, the final Academic Summary will output GPA information based on the configuration used by the latest Academic Session from the GPA by Year table.

  • If GPA By Year is not configured for one year but was for a prior year, then that GPA Type will be used.

  • If GPA by Year is not configured, the final Academic Summary will output GPA information based on the GPA Type set on the building export configuration page.

The Mark values for courses included in the TREx Export files will reflect the value defined in the Transcript value of the Level table and not the Raw value.

The TREx Export will consider Attendance Day Totals records without a Learning Location Type as In-Person days, instead of excluding them from the attendance days calculation.

The TREx Export processing for students not active in the current year (with no entry/withdrawal for the environment school year) will get downloaded/extracted from the Student Summary page (single-student mode). The working school year will become the last school year they were enrolled in.

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