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System Setup

District Configuration

Menu Path: From the Administration menu, choose General Setup, choose District, and then select District.

Preferences Panel



Race Required


State Equivalency Code

A six-digit code consisting of the Texas county or district number. Use leading zeros if the number is not six digits.

Home Language Required


Membership Day Rule

Choose one of the following:

  • E – Require Membership Dates except for Rollover Withdrawal
  • N – Do Not Require Membership Dates

State ID Assignment Panel



Require State ID

Your district can select whether or not to require a State ID. If you do not require the ID, users can leave the ID blank and add the ID when TREx files arrive.

Maximum State ID Length


State ID Label

Use State ID or State Reporting ID.

ID to Save in Previous ID Field

Choose S – State ID is saved to Previous ID.

ID to Use on State Reports

Choose S – State ID is used.

Automatically Assign State IDs

Choose one of the following:

  • B – State IDs are assigned at building level
  • D – State IDs are assigned at district level
  • N – State IDs are not auto-assigned

This determines whether your district defines how IDs are auto assigned in the District Configuration or the Registration Configuration for a building.

If you choose D, complete the following five fields. 

State ID Prefix

Enter S.

Starting State ID

Enter the first number available to assign.

Maximum State ID

Enter the last number available to assign.

Highest Used State ID

When you add configuration, the Starting State ID and Highest Used State ID should be the same.

Update Allowed

You can choose whether you want to allow users with appropriate security to manually update the State ID field.

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