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September 2022 Minor Maintenance Release - I

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_22.8.1.0



Release Note

ESP-77923TREx Export

Updated the Student ID processing to output the State Report ID from the Personal page.

ESP-77921TREx Export

Updated the TREx processing to output all applicable Special Program records.

ESP-77759TREx Export

Updated processing for students not active in the current year (with no entry/withdrawal for the environment school year) to get downloaded/extracted using the TREX Export from the Student Summary page (single-student mode). The working school year will become the last school year they were enrolled in.

ESP-77720TREx Export

Updated the output file name convention when running for a single student from the Student Summary page.

ESP-76355Validation Tables, Perf Ack Certs/License, Course/Staff/Student Download, TEDS Extract, Student Download Summary, and Download Search

Updated the POST_SECONDARY_CERTIFICATION_LICENSURE_RESULT element to the StudentExtension complex type (TX-IndustryCertificationType subtype) for the Fall and Summer submissions, as per the 2022-2023 DOE requirements:

  • Added the Post Secondary Certification Licensure Results (TXTB_C232) validation table and populated it with codes.

  • Added the Post Secondary Cert/Lic Result field on the Perf Ack Certs/License page.

  • Updated the Download and Extract processing to download the State Code Equivalent value for the added user-defined field to the TX_STU_INDUSTRY_CERTIFICATIONS table and extract it during the PEIMS Fall and Summer Submissions.

  • Added the field in the STUINDCERT - Industry Certification (Demographic) Download Search and Summary results to be visible as Post Secondary Certification Licensure Result.

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