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September 2021 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_19.11.41.0
  • ESP_20.4.34.0
  • ESP_21.4.11.0



Release Note

ESP-66070Enrollment Verification Report

Updated the SQL commands with an extra space to run the report for a single building that did not have a multiple bell schedule.

ESP-66003Student Registration and Attribution

Updated the STAAR/TAKS/TELPAS Precode page inline with the registration and attribution files requirement. The page is renamed to Student Registration and Attribution.

ESP-65999Student Registration and Attribution

STAAR EOC Student Attribution is a new report that will retrieve Attribute data from the Student Attribution (TX-MAINT-PRECODE) page when the Run Attribution option is selected in the Student Registration and Attribution page. Each attribute on the STAAR EOC Student Attribution file will be reported separately by TSDS ID, Subject, Attribute and value.

ESP-65908Student Registration and Attribution

Added the Student Registration report for STAAR EOC Test Registrations. When the Run Registration option is selected in the Student Registration and Attribution screen, this report processes students enrolled on the as of date selected that are also in a course linked to a state course code with a course category of A1, E1, E2, B1, US on the as of date.

ESP-65907District Course Catalog

Renamed the Course Catalog State Courses option to TX Course Catalog State Courses in the District Course Catalog Search.

ESP-65693Validation Tables

Updated the following validation tables with new codes:

  • Student Attribution Codes (c161): added code 32 with description as Student-Initiated Transfer Due To Remote Learning.
  • Foster Care Indicator Codes (c196): added code 3 with description as Pre-kindergarten student is or ever has been in foster care in another state or territory, if the child resides in this state (Texas). TEC, §29.153(b).
  • ADA Eligibility Codes (c059): added code 9 with description as Enrolled, Not In Membership Due To Virtual Learning.
  • Role IDs (c021): added code 119 with description as Family and Community Liaison and code 120 with description as Instructional Coach.
ESP-65457TSDS Download, TSDS Extract, Download Search, and Staff Download Summary

For the Class Roster Winter submission:

  • Added Staff with responsibility record of 087 and teacher incentive records for school year being processed to the Staff download/extract.
  • Added Teacher School Association records for staff that are retrieved from the Responsibilities records and not from the Master Schedule records.
  • Added Teacher School information to the Download Search and Staff Download Summary pages.
ESP-65442Course/Staff/Student Download

Updated the Prior Bilingual/ESL Summer Indicator to process without dependency on the student having the Bilingual Summer Indicator.

ESP-64824Course/Staff/Student Download

Updated to use State Code Equivalent values for Parental Permission and Alternative Language for Aldine databases only.

ESP-60803Course/Staff/Student Download and District-Defined PEIMS Pre-Kindergarten

Students who were in Pre-K during the year but finished the year in Kindergarten were having the Star of Texas Indicator populated. The Star of Texas Indicator is updated to report students who were in Pre-K at the end of the year.

ESP-60682District Defined PEIMS Demographics and District Defined PEIMS Pre-Kindergarten

Moved the Student Program Type field from the PEIMS Pre-Kindergarten program page to the PEIMS Demographics program page. Migrated the existing student data to the PEIMS Demographics page.

ESP-64305Hearing Screening

Updated columns E (No Problem) and F (Treatment) to include counts when the date range is a single day.

ESP-63523TSDS Download

Updated the Student School Association extension download to only include students in the Child Find submission that have a determination date within the run range.

ESP-63521TSDS Download and TSDS Extract

Updated the TSDS Download and TSDS Extract to process the correct fields for the Student extension in the new Child Find submission.

ESP-63191Attendance Contact Hours

Updated Attendance Calculation to skip processing of OFSDP fields (total minutes present, equiv days present) when processing Reporting Period 9.

ESP-61293Attendance Contact Hours

Updated the Attendance Contact Hours calculation to process a program record even when the effective end date of the program is before the start of the reporting period being processed.

ESP-61277Pass/Fail Indicators

Updated the warning message “The non-scheduled end date for the student is not within the date range of the course.“ to not appear in the log.

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