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Report 305 Records for Non-Campus-Based CTE Courses

The 305 record reports teacher classroom assignments. Staff members must be teaching in a room to be included. This excludes staff members assigned to a course-section set up with a Non-Campus Based Instructional Code other than 00 – Not Applicable. The one exception to this rule is staff members assigned to a non-campus-based CTE (vo-tech) course.

Non-Campus-Based Instructional Code for Staff

  1. Select VoTec on the Master Schedule page.
  2. Select Valid for 415 Records on the State Course page for the associated course.
  3. Choose values for Contact Hours and Non Campus Based Inst Code on the PEIMS Course page.
  4. Run the Staff download for the Summer submission to create the 305 records.

    The system generates a warning on the error log: Non Campus Instruction code is set, but this is a funded CTE course. 305 Record will be created.

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