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May 2024 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_24.5.0.0



Release Note

ESP-94770District-Defined PEIMS Demographics

Resolved the issue in TX install scripts that mistakenly swapped field validation for the Associate Degree Indicator and Military Enlistment Indicator on the PEIMS Demographics page.

ESP-93922Texas Vision Screening Report

Resolved the issue in the Texas Vision Screening Reports where records for all buildings were included regardless of the buildings selected in the Run Prompts. The report now correctly retrieves records based on the selected buildings.

ESP-93152TSDS Download and TSDS Extract

Resolved the issue in the Winter Class Roster submission where staff without Staff Date Tracking end dates, who are teaching courses ending in Semester 1, were incorrectly included in the Winter Class Roster Staff interchange.

ESP-93058Programs - PEIMS Special Education

Updated the Summer PEIMS processing for the Special Ed Program interchange (StudentSpecialEdProgramAssociation) records to manage changes in associated indicator values during the school year.

ESP-92577Test Score Import Definition

Resolved the issue in the Test Score Import Utility where setting a "Skip Specific Values" option, such as 'D', resulted in no test score being imported for a student if one of their multiple test scores contained the “Skip Specific Values” entry. Now, only the specified values are skipped, allowing the import of the remaining valid test scores for the student.

ESP-91793Course/Staff/Student Download

Resolved the issue in the Campus-Course Section (300) download where the log message: "Building contains non-high school courses but the Final Mark Type has not been defined on the Pass/Fail Setup Validation Table for building X" was incorrectly generated for non-high school buildings. This log message will now only be generated for buildings that have “Marks Are” set to T - Retained for Transcript and the Course Building Type is blank.

ESP-91598Course/Staff/Student Download

Updated TEDS Extract processing for BasicReportingPeriodAttendance to include records for Reporting Periods where Absence values are greater than 0 but Total Eligible Days are 0, provided the student has at least one other Reporting Period with Total Eligible Days greater than 0.

ESP-90789Withdrawal Form and Withdrawal Form Configuration

Added the Include Immunization field on the Withdrawal Form Configuration page.

Based on the Include Immunization value on the Withdrawal Form Configuration page, the Immunization Disease/Testing section will dynamically display on the Withdrawal Form page.

ESP-90075Student EOC Requirements HB5

Updated the Student EOC Requirements HB5 processing to ensure that if a specific test score is excluded from the EOC Requirements Setup page, the system will automatically move to the next available score for display on the Student EOC Requirements HB5 page, ensuring accurate and relevant information is displayed.

ESP-94132Validation Tables - Reg Day School Deaf Codes (c067), EB Indicators (c061), and Incident/Offense Codes

Updated the description for code 0 in the Reg Day School Deaf Codes (c067) validation table.

Updated the description for codes 1, F, S, 3, 4, and 5 in the EB Indicators (c061) validation table.

Updated the description for codes 62 and 64 in the Incident/Offense Codes validation table.

ESP-94062Validation Tables - CTEServiceId (C330)

Created the CTEServiceId (C330) validation table with code values and descriptions.

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