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May 2022 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_20.4.49.0
  • ESP_21.4.26.0



Release Note


Calculate Career Tech Contact Hours

Updated processing to include students having Entry/Withdrawal and CTE course dates in the current school year rather than on the as of date.
ESP-73725Validation Tables (Discipline Campus IDs)Updated the Discipline Campus IDs validation table to allow for the updating, saving, and deleting of records.
ESP-73712ADA/ADM Statistics

The ADA/ADM Statistics report will not include students with an ADA Eligibility of 9 during the selected interval or date range if the new Exclude ADA 9 field is checked. This change is only for Texas.

ESP-73646ADA/ADM Statistics

Added the Exclude ADA 9 Students checkbox visible only for Texas districts to the ADA/ADM Statistics report.

ESP-73502TSDS Download

Updated the validation options required to run the Child Find Submission.

ESP-73363District/Campus Summary Report

Updated the Calendar section filters to retrieve data when filters are used for the District/Campus Summary report.

ESP-73325District/Campus Summary Report

Added CTE Contact Hour totals to the main report table for In Person, Remote Synchronous, and Remote Asynchronous days. They are further split into categories for the Course Level Tier (1 through 3).

ESP-73235District/Campus Summary Report

Updated the Vocational section to include Days, Hours, and FTE breakdowns by Tier (1 through 3).

ESP-72968Course/Staff/Student Download

Updated the Attendance (400) download to not process students with ADA 9 records for the Summer submission period.

ESP-72911State Courses

For Texas customers, the State Courses page is appended with CTE Course Level, CTE Course Weight, and CTE Course Tier fields.

ESP-72806Import Scores from Files

The STAAR ALT (3-8) Test Import has been created for 2022 with format from test vendor Cambium. A notable change for this year is that the writing test scores are no longer included in the test file and will not be imported. Also, note that the student will be matched on State ID or TX unique ID.


For Texas districts, when adding a course request for a student, if the student has already earned the required credit for another course that shares the same state course code, a warning message: “Student has already earned, or is scheduled to earn, full credit for the state course associated with this course” will be displayed.

ESP-72752Transcript Summary

When adding a course to a student through the Transcript Summary page in Texas districts, if the student has already attempted or earned the number of state course credits for that state code (set on the State Courses page), a warning message: “Student has already earned or is scheduled to earn, full credit for the state course associated with this course” will be displayed.

ESP-72674Course/Staff/Student Download and TEDS Extract

Updated the TX-TotalEligibleDaysPresent field and associated download or extract to allow up to five characters (XXX.X).

ESP-72585Student Detail Report

The Texas CTE Student filter option has been added to the Student Detail report.

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