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June 2022 Minor Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_20.4.50.0
  • ESP_21.4.27.0



Release Note

ESP-74130Attendance Contact Hours and View Calculated PEIMS Data

Updated the processing to not count the Days Present Eligible (In Person, Remote Asynchronous, and Remote Synchronous) if the membership day is not counted for the Bilingual/ESL Funding Code program.

ESP-74393Child Find - TSDS Download

Updated the SQL processing to reduce the time taken and avoid timeout errors.

ESP-73858Schedule Entry

Updated Schedule Entry to only process the TX State Course credit warning when a new course is added rather than modified or deleted.

ESP-73794TEDS Extract

Updated the TEDS Extract to not include TX-BilingualESLFundingCode (E1651 BILINGUAL/ESL-FUNDING-CODE) or TX-TotalEligibleDaysPresent (E0938 TOTAL-ELIG-BILINGUAL/ESL-DAYS-PRESENT) if there are zero days in TX-TotalEligibleDaysPresent (E0938 TOTAL-ELIG-BILINGUAL/ESL-DAYS-PRESENT).

ESP-73938TSDS Download

Updated the Evaluation Delay Reason 08 description (08 - Part C (ECI) Did Not Notify/Refer Child to Part B at Least 90 Days Prior to the Child`s Third Birthday).

ESP-73558TSDS Download

The Child Find download will populate the Campus ID (E1710) with the building State Code Equiv value of the non-summer Entry/Withdrawal building based on the Initial Evaluation (E1715) in the following priority:

  1. Entry/Withdrawal that overlaps with Initial Evaluation (E1715)
  2. Most recent Entry/Withdrawal is before Initial Evaluation (E1715)
  3. First Entry/Withdrawal is after Initial Evaluation (E1715)
ESP-74423TSDS Extract

Added Residential Facility indicator to the Residential Facility Tracker (RF) extract on the Student complex type in the Student Parent Interchange file.

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