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June 2022 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_20.4.51.0
  • ESP_21.4.28.0



Release Note

ESP-75494Career Tech/Contact Hours

Updated the Career Tech/Contact Hours calculation to resolve potential task errors and courses that are treated as overlaps when a service ID has two overlapping vectors from a single day timeframe.

ESP-74943Career Tech/Contact Hours

Updated the Career Tech/Contact Hours calculation to allow overlapping courses with the same Service ID by rolling up contact hours to a maximum of three hours.

ESP-74645Career Tech/Contact Hours

Updated the processing for Students that leave on the first day of a course to have contact hours calculated for that course.

ESP-73768Career Tech/Contact Hours

Updated the calculation when a student with a contact hours override of 0 that begins on the same day the student is eligible for CTE credit for the service ID and ends before the CTE course ends does not generate the CTE date range from the end of the override to the end of the course.

ESP-74922TEDS Extract

Corrected the TEDS Extract processing for RF Tracker, where Special Education students with 0 ADA were not getting the correct Special Education Indicator value in the extracted file.

ESP-74538TEDS Extract

Removed warning when the calendar instructional program is 13 or 03.

ESP-73611TEDS Extract

Updated the log file processing to show counts for students and records processed for the Education Organization interchange, broken down by category.

ESP-73463TEDS Extract

Removed the unnecessary validation check that was failing and added an error message to the log file.

ESP-74741TSDS Extract

Updated the processing to exclude the PK teaching requirement tag for EP submission if it is NULL or blank.

ESP-74662TSDS Download

Removed three SELA Special Education program validation rules that are no longer valid: 41163-0054, 41163-0063, and 41163-0064.

Added five Child Find Special Education program validation rules: 44163-0073, 44163-0075, 44163-0076, 44163-0077, and 41163-000E.

ESP-74421TSDS Download

Updated the Student Language Acquisition assessments to only download valid assessments during the prompt date range.

ESP-72646TSDS Download

Added three new TSDS Validation rules to the TSDS Student Download for the Child Find submission.

ESP-72050TSDS Download

Added validation rules for the child find submission to process the Student Child Find download.

ESP-74699Pass Fail Indicators

Removed the obsolete check for a student’s Service ID program-tracked value in the Pass Fail Indicators calculation.

ESP-74696Print Transcript

The database record required to use the PowerSchool-provided Texas Transcript template is added using the eSchoolPlus update scripts.

ESP-74665Attendance Contact Hours

Updated the filters on the page to filter results based on Demographic, Personal, Academic, and Entry/Withdrawal.

ESP-74329Course/Staff/Student Download

Adjusted the column widths in the TX_400 download table to align with the TWEDS standards.

ESP-74318HAC Career Plan

Updated the Career Plan Approval in HAC for TX customers to be related only to the current school year, allowing parents to approve the career plan yearly.

ESP-74167District Defined PEIMS Special Education

Updated the length of the checkboxes and corrected invalid data to allow Disability Eligibility data to be saved.

ESP-73675Student Registration and Attribution

Added the Entry/Withdrawal, Master Schedule, Master Schedule Sessions, Staff Building, Staff District, and State Courses filters on the Student Registration and Attribution Report page to retrieve required student data for the report.

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