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January 2024 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_24.1.0.0



Release Note

ESP-91404PEIMS Behavioral Threat Assessment and TREx Export

Added a new PEIMS Behavioral Threat Assessment list page in the menu path: Registration, Student District Defined, and PEIMS Behavioral Threat Assessment (page number: 10235). The new page uses a new separate security resource (TX-MAINT- THREAT - Maintain PEIMS Behavioral Threat Asmt) and consists of three fields: School Year, Behavioral Threat Assessment, and Comment.

The TREx Student Demographic complex type processing in both TREx Export and TREx Export OLD has been updated to include the new Behavioral Threat Assessment Indicator as the last element in the complex type after PK Eligible Previous Year. This element will output 1, if there is a Behavioral Threat Assessment entry in the new PEIMS Behavioral Threat Assessment page populated for the current school year, or output a default of 0.

ESP-91023TREx Export

The TREx Export task was failing when the student had a District Defined PEIMS Demographic - Campus of Accountability field that had a description longer than 34 characters. The SchoolName field will now truncate to the first 34 characters in the .xml file if the field value is too long.

ESP-91009TSDS Extract

When running the TSDS Extract for 2024, the SPECEligibilityDeterminationCode tags were not being included in the file when the field had a value in the download table. This has been resolved.

ESP-90707TX ADA/ADM Statistics Report

Aggregate Days of Attendance on the ADA/ADM Statistics Report had different values when running with and without the prompt 'Exclude ADA 9 Students' selected. The values should be the same since the customer does not have ADA 9 students. This has been resolved.

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