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Hearing Amplification

Menu Path: From the Registration menu, choose Entry & Reports, choose Student District Defined, and then select Hearing Amplification.

Use this page to enter student data for the Hearing Amplification submission.

Hearing Amplification Type (e1665)Choose the hearing amplification device used by the student.
Hearing Amplification Access (e1666)Choose if the student has access to the hearing amplification device for a full or partial day for the hearing amplification type.
Hearing Amplif Avg Daily Use (e1667)

Choose the average time the student uses the hearing amplification device in a day.

Note: Multiple instances of this data element can be reported. HEARING-AMPLIFICATION-AVERAGE-DAILY-USE (e1667) is only reported if HEARING-AMPLIFICATION-ACCESS (e1666) is “Partial Day”.

Start DateEnter the date the student started using the hearing amplification device.
End DateEnter the date the student stopped using the hearing amplification device.

Enter one record with start or end dates in the submission run range. If a student has records for multiple hearing amplification types during a submission date range, the software only reports the record for the latest date in the range.

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