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February 2022 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_20.4.43.0
  • ESP_21.4.20.0



Release Note

ESP-70991Attendance Contact Hours

Updated the timeout values that were not correctly passed between function calls.

ESP-70899TSDS Download

Updated the TSDS Staff download to pass when filtering on Staff Unique ID.

ESP-70868Run OCR Reports

Updated the flat file generation process that takes a lot of time to complete for larger districts. Corrected the database call that was repeated many times during the data gathering process for the flat file.

ESP-70337Print Transcripts and PEIMS FAFSA Information

Added the FAFSA Met date to the certification date message in the Endorsements section of the Texas Transcript.

The Application Met Date is updated to not display as a program-tracked field on the PEIMS FAFSA Information page.

ESP-69743Attendance Contact Hours Calculation and District Campus Summary

Updated the Attendance Contact Hours Calculation to allow processing of Alternative Language (TE125).

Updated the District Campus Summary to include TE125 attendance data in the BIL/ESL Refined ADA Total (J) field calculation.

Updated the Attendance Contact Hours Calculation to include TE125 attendance data in the calculation of the following rows in the report:

  • G0a. Biling/ESL ProgType Tot
  • G0b. Biling/ESL ProgType IP
  • G0c. Biling/ESL ProgType RS
  • G0d. Biling/ESL ProgType RA
ESP-69317Course/Staff/Student Download and TEDS Extract

Updated the PEIMS Summer download and extract to allow processing of students with 0 ADA but who attended a Residential Facility program.

ESP-69276Credit Recovery Generation and Credit Recovery

Updated Credit Recovery Generation to use the school year from the Texas Configuration validation table in the Sub 4 Dual Cred School Year field to find summer school courses a student was enrolled in that have the same state code as the course from the regular school year in which the student has a pass/fail record with course completed = Y.

Added a Clear All option to the Credit Recovery Generation page. When the generation is run, if the Clear All option is selected, all credit recovery data matching the school year, building list, grade list, and reporting period selections will be deleted before processing student data.

ESP-68665TREx Export - NEW

Updated the TREx Export - NEW page to use the building of the student’s latest non-summer entry/withdrawal record when determining what GPA type to use for Academic Summary data within an Academic Session.

ESP-68284TEDS Extract and Incident Detail

Updated the School complex type to include Bullying and Cyber Bullying counts in the Summer submission and Extended Learning Opportunity (ELO) Activities in the Summer and Extended Year submissions. 

Updated the ELO page to allow days/minutes to be set per activity. 

Added the Cyberbullying checkbox to the PEIMS Discipline Information section on the Incident Detail page to report in the School Extension for the Summer PEIMS submission.

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