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February 2021 Major Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_19.4.34.0
  • ESP_19.11.26.0
  • ESP_20.4.19.0



Release Note

ESP-48040TSDS Download

The 40100-0187 requirement has been added to Student (STUPARENT) to ensure that there is a 1-to-1 match for student records to unique student in Student Section Association (STUENROLL).

ESP-48010TSDS Download

The Student School download for the Class Roster has been updated to generate the student’s course building details instead of the student entry withdrawal building details.


TSDS StaffThe Generation field has been added to record the staff generation on the TSDS Staff page. Also, added the field to the TSDS download and extract process for Class Roster - Winter and Class Roster - Fall submissions.
ESP-47541Course/Staff/Student Download

The 400 download process has been updated to include LEP values 3, 4, and 5.

ESP-46986Course/Staff/Student Download

If the student has no Gifted Talented program for the Summer Submission, the indicator will default to 0 (zero).

ESP-46342Course/Staff/Student Download

Select the school year when a student should be reported as a leaver for the Fall 203 Record. The school year only needs to be selected for students who are active in the current school year only to receive special services. When the school year is set to the current year in the download prompt, the active student will be processed as a Fall Leaver.

ESP-47320PEIMS Course

The PEIMS PK Student Type of Instruction table has been added to the validation tables.

ESP-46604Attendance Contact Hours

The Texas state attendance calculation is updated to process absence codes where the State Code Equivalent field has a value or is null.

ESP-46541TFAR Registration

The TFAR Registration file can now be created so you can register students for the TFAR assessment.

ESP-46312Enrollment Verification

The report now includes data for alternate cycle days where the periods are not the same as the parent day.

ESP-46164HB5 Batch Model Process

The HB5 Batch Model process now runs without timing out.

ESP-46022State Courses

The Course Category field has been added for the state course codes.

ESP-45745TEDS Extract

The CTE Indicator for 2020 school year has been defaulted to 0 (zero) as it is a required field.

ESP-45372TEDS PEIMS Extract

The Remote Synchronous (RS) and Remote Asynchronous (RA) attendance data fields are now part of the Basic Reporting Period Attendance and Special Reporting Period Attendance complex types. Also, added the Residential Facility complex type with In Person, RS, and RA counts.

ESP-46898TEDS PEIMS ExtractThe PEIMS Student extract now reports a value of 0 (zero) for students that do not have LEP Indicator data in the download.
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