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Entry/Withdrawal Page

Menu Path: Select Registration from the main menu, select Entry & Reports submenu, select Student Demographic, then select Entry/Withdrawal.

Texas districts use the Student Withdrawal Rule of F – First Day Student is not in school. The Withdrawal Date should be the first day the student is not in attendance at the building. If the student transfers to another building in the district and there is no lapse in attendance days, the Entry Date for the new building should be the same date as the Withdrawal Date.

Update the ADA Eligibility program in the 146 – PEIMS Demographics (Program) when you enter and withdraw students. The start and end dates for this program must match the dates in entry/withdrawal.

To print the Withdrawal Form for a student from the Entry/Withdrawal history page, click Additional options, then select TX Withdrawal Form. Specify the report options, then click Run.

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