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August 2021 Minor Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software versions unless otherwise noted in the release note:

  • ESP_19.11.37.0
  • ESP_20.4.30.0
  • ESP_21.4.7.0



Release Note

ESP-58780Attendance Contact Hours

Updated the attendance contact hours calculation to remove any reporting periods that have “PM” in the TX_400 records.

ESP-63270Course/Staff/Student Download

Updated the RS Excess Contact Hours field with correct data type/length.

ESP-61726Course/Staff/Student Download

Resolved bugs related to primary key violations in the TX_405 and Student Truancy downloads for PEIMS.

ESP-63994District Defined PEIMS Demographic, Course/Staff/Student Download, and TEDS Extract

Added Prior Year Bilingual/ESL Summer School Indicator (Prior Bilingual/ESL Summer) to the District-Defined PEIMS Demographics page. This field will be downloaded in the TX_101 records and included in the student program interchange student program complex type XML file for extended year submission.

ESP-48735Import Scores from File

Added the Writing Test Form Version field to the SPI-STAAR test for the writing subtest.

Added the import definition for STR21 - STAAR TEST SCORES 2021.

ESP-40289TEDS Extract and TSDS Extract

Updated TSDS Prior Year extracts to include all 2021 changes.

Updated interchange files for TSDS and PEIMS current year based on latest XSDs from TEA.

ESP-63453TSDS Staff, Teacher Incentive Allotment, and Validation Tables (Texas State Reporting and Teacher Incentive Allotment)

Added Creditable Years Service Ind and Exclude CR Winter checkbox fields to TSDS Staff user-defined screen.

Added Teacher Incentive Allotment user-defined page.

Added Teacher Incentive Allotment validation table for the allowed values.

ESP-62883Validation Tables (Texas State Reporting and ELO Type Code (C218)

Set Code 03 (Voluntary Expanded Learning - Before School and After School (Submission 3 Only)) as inactive.

Added Code 05 (Voluntary Expanded Learning Opportunity - Before School (Submission 3 Only))

Added Code 06 (Voluntary Expanded Learning Opportunity - After School (Submission 3 Only))

ESP-62882Validation Tables (Texas State Reporting and TX Language Acquisition Services Provided Code (DC156))

Renamed Code 02 description from Indirect to Indirect/Consultative.
Set Code 03 (Consultative) as inactive.

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