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April 2024 Minor Maintenance Release

These changes have been released in the following software version:

  • ESP_24.3.1.0



Release Note

ESP-91234Course/Staff/Student Download

Updated the PEIMS Staff Responsibilities (090) download error log processing for log message: Building XXX, Staff ID XXXXXX: The staff does not have a State Staff ID, so courses will not be processed.

If the staff does not have data on the staff building level Responsibility page and the staff is not assigned to any courses in the Master Schedule, the PEIMS Staff Responsibilities (090) download process will not log the error message when the State Staff ID is blank.

ESP-91528Incident Detail

Enhanced the SSSP Team Review field by making it a mandatory drop-down menu, providing users with the option to choose either Yes or No.

ESP-93377TREx New

The TREx XML is generating errors due to leading zeros in the IncidentIdentifier being inadvertently truncated resulting in a field length of 5 characters instead of the expected 6 characters resulting in TREx validation errors with the pattern '([0-9]{6})' for type 'IncidentIdentifierType'. This has been resolved.

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