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Work with a Single Student in Gradebook

You can display gradebook information and student detail information for a single student simply by clicking on the student's name or ID on the Gradebook page. When you click the link, the rows for other students will be hidden and the Student Detail drawer will open. The Student Detail drawer allows you to see:

  • the student's demographic information,
  • the student's contacts,
  • any notes you have entered for the student,
  • the gradebook scale assigned to the student,
  • any missing assignments for the student based on the marking period and filter you have selected on the Gradebook page.

You can edit and save student scores while the drawer is open in order to see how scores affect the student's average for the selected category or mark type.

Note: If you are working with a small display, you may need to hide menu bar items on your browser to provide enough space to view the student's information row while the Student Detail drawer is open. Refer to your browser's help content for more details.

Warning: If you use the drop-downs on the Gradebook toolbar to change the course or marking period displayed and click Apply, the drawer will close and all student rows for your new selections will display.

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