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Student Check-Ins

eSchoolPlus versions 21.4.6 and higher.

If the Student Check-Ins option is available on your menu, student check-ins can be recorded as students join virtual meetings or by students manually checking in to the class from Home Access. As students join the meeting or check-in from HAC, the class list will show the time when the student was checked in. When you're ready to record attendance based on the check-ins, click Submit Attendance to open the Entry by List page with absences entered for students who have not checked in. You can make changes as needed and then save the attendance.

Student check-ins are only supported for classes for which you take attendance.

This option relies on your district having an integration with Zoom so this feature may not be available.

Check-Ins from Virtual Meetings

At this time, virtual meeting check-ins are available from Zoom. This is an optional feature that your district may set up and enable. If you are not sure if this feature is available, contact an administrator at your district before setting up the meeting URLs.

To record student check-ins as participants join your class meeting, you must:

  • Assign the Zoom meeting URL for each class
  • Start the meeting from Teacher Access

When a student joins the meeting signed into Zoom with their school email address, their participant email is automatically matched and they are checked in. If a student joins a meeting with an email address that is not recognized, you can match the student to a meeting participant so they can be checked in. When you match the student to a participant, the participant email is saved for the student so they can be matched automatically the next time they join with that email.

Assign Virtual Meeting URL for Class

  1. From Zoom, copy the link that participants use to join your meeting.
  2. From
    Attendance, select Check-In to display the Student Check-Ins page.
  3. Click
    (Settings), and select Virtual Meeting Link.
  4. On the Virtual Meeting Link window, paste in the meeting link.
  5. Click Save.

Start the Virtual Meeting and Monitor Check-Ins

The first time you start a meeting from the Student Check-In page you must approve the permissions for the app.

  1. From
    Attendance, select Check-In to display the Student Check-Ins page.
  2. Select the class you are starting.
  3. Click Start Meeting.
  4. If you are not already signed into Zoom, the Zoom window that displays to open the meeting will include a prompt for you to login to Zoom to host the meeting. Sign in so you can start the meeting.
  5. As the participants join, review the student check-ins.
  6. Refer to the participants indicator in the toolbar to determine if there are participants who have not been matched to a student.
    • (No unmapped participants) indicates all meeting participants have been matched.
    • (Umapped participants) indicates there are participants that are not matched to a student. Click the indicator to view the list of unmatched participants.
  7. To match a student to an unmatched participant, click in the Participants field for the student, and then select the participant name the student is using for Zoom.
  8. If a student leaves and then rejoins the meeting, an H (History) indicator displays in the Checked In field. To see the times when the student joined, click the H.

Submit Attendance Based on Check-Ins

Attendance can only be submitted based on check-ins before attendance has been saved for the class. If a student checks in after you take attendance, use Entry by List to update the attendance information.

  1. From the Student Check-Ins page, click Submit Attendance.
  2. On the Entry by List page, review the attendance that displays. Students who checked in are marked present. Students who did not check in will be marked absent.
  3. As needed, update the attendance.
  4. Click Save.

Help Students with Check-In

If Students Check In from Zoom

The best practice for students checking in with Zoom is to have them use a Zoom sign-in that is associated with their school email address. If they have signed in with a Zoom account that does not have a recognized email address, you can match the student to the participant to check the student in. The participant email you matched is stored so when the student joins with that email address again, the student will be matched automatically.

If enabled, students may join the class by clicking the Join Meeting link on the Week View page.

If Students Check in from Home Access

If enabled, students can manually check in to class from Home Access.

To check in, the student must sign in to HAC. Then, open the Week View page where they see a list of the classes for the week. Then, they select the Check In checkbox for your class. The check-in is autosaved.

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