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If enabled, you can enter recommend courses for a student to take next year based on the student's progress in your course. Counselors can review course recommendations and can create course requests for selected recommendations. Use the Priority field to prioritize recommendations for consideration.

Recommendations are entered for courses where students receive report card marks; the list of students includes students with report card records. If the list of students is not correct, contact an administrator to have the Scheduling Synchronization run in eSchoolPlus.

The number of recommendations that you can enter per student is determined by your building administrator. The limit is specified above the list of students. Additionally, you may be limited to entering recommendations for courses that are offered by the same department as the course you are teaching.

The courses you are recommending will be offered in the student's next building. The courses available for a student may be different from other students if the student will attend a different building from the next building of other students in your class.

Enter Recommendations

  1. Click Recommendations.

  2. In a student's Course field, select the course to recommend for the student. Your building configuration determines whether you can add recommendations for courses in any department or only for courses offered in your department.

  3. To add another recommendation for the student, click Add. Then, select the course.

  4. If you added multiple recommendations for a student, enter a number in the Priority field to let the counselor know how to consider which request to add if all courses cannot be requested. The same priority can be assigned to multiple recommendation for the student.

  5. Click Save.

Delete a Recommendation

  1. Select the Delete checkbox for the recommendation.

  2. Click Delete.

  3. Click Save

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