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Print the Attendance Audit Report

Use this procedure to generate an audit report that lists attendance information entered for a range of dates.

Overview of Attendance Audit Report

The report prints five columns of attendance dates per page. If you select a range of dates that spans more than five dates, multiple pages will be printed.

The report will list the students in the homeroom or class from which you clicked Run Attendance Audit Report. You can select to include the bottomline attendance (the official record for your building), last teacher entry, last office entry, or both the last office and last teacher entries.

    • If no entry has been entered for a student for a date, P prints in the date column (in most districts, no attendance entry indicates that a student is present).
    • If the student was not enrolled in the building on a date or was not enrolled in a course on a date, a – (dash) prints in the date column.

A signature line is printed at the end of the list of students for you to sign and date the audit report after you have verified information. Your district may not require that you sign and retain audit reports.

An absence code key prints at the end of the report. The key includes only the codes that were printed on the report.

Run the Audit Report

  1. From
    Attendance, select List to display the Entry by List page.
  2. Click
    (Run Attendance Audit Report) on the toolbar.
  3. Enter the date range to include. Five columns of attendance dates on a page. If you select a range larger than five days, multiple pages print.
  4. In Include Attendance, select the information to include.
    • Show Bottomline - to display the attendance entry that your building has selected as the official entry. Typically, the bottomline entry is the office entry.
    • Show Last Teacher Only - to display the last entry entered as a teacher entry.
    • Show Last Office Only - to display the last entry entered as an office entry.
    • Show Last Office and Teacher - to display the last entries for the office entry and teacher entry.
  5. Click Run. The report will open. You can then view, print, or save to your computer. Additionally, the PDF file is saved automatically to your report directory and can be accessed from the Home page.
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