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About Interim Progress Report Dates

Interim progress information is reported mid-marking period and is used to notify the student and the student's guardians of the progress the student is making in your class. Often, interim progress reports are used to warn a student that he or she is in danger of failing the marking period for a class. You can use the Interim Progress page to enter grades, comments, and attendance information to print on the interim progress card.

There are two ways that Interim Progress Report (IPR) information can be handled:

  • Pre-defined report dates. The building sets up the dates when Interim Progress Reports should be sent. These dates display as the existing IPR Run Dates.
    The list of dates available for the Grade Reporting > Eligibility option is limited to IPR run dates defined for eligibility.
  • Individual reports added as needed. For example, you may wish to provide more frequent reports for a student who is having difficulties. To create an individual IPR, click the Individual button on the Interim Progress Report page's toolbar. Then enter a date for the IPR and select the class. Then, on the Interim Progress Report page, enter a check in the Individual box for the students who should receive a report.
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