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About Classroom Issues and Conduct Referrals

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Teacher Access enables you to record, track, and refer classroom and conduct-related issues:

Classroom Issues apply to more routine student issues tied to a course, homeroom, or activity, from missing homework and class participation to behavioral issues, such as talking or sleeping in class. Since these can usually be handled within the classroom environment, you can use the system to simply record and track issues, including any corrective actions you took. You also have the option of referring more serious issues to students' assigned disciplinarians, counselors, or success plan coordinators, who can then administer them in eSchoolPlus.

Conduct Referrals relate to issues that require the attention of a disciplinarian, whether they occur inside or outside the classroom. Using TAC's Conduct Referrals option, you can record the issues, identify the students, detail their involvement, and refer the issues to a disciplinarian.

The following sections outline the main concepts and procedures associated with Classroom Issues and Conduct Referrals.

Classroom Issues

For classroom issues, use the Classroom Issues option to record the behavior for a student and what you are doing in the classroom to address the issue. If needed, you can also refer the student to a disciplinarian

When you record an issue, you can select a single student or multiple students. If you select multiple students, a separate issue is created for each student. The details for the issue include the date, location, and notes. You can also keep an on-going record of any corrective actions taken and if needed, attach previous issues that are related to the current one. If you choose to refer an issue, all of this information can be accessed by the student's disciplinarian, counselor, or success plan coordinator in eSchoolPlus.

Conduct Referrals

For behavior that should be immediately referred to a disciplinarian, use the Conduct Referrals option to enter and refer an issue to a student's disciplinarian.

As part of the referral, you can enter basic information on the issue, such as the building, date, time, location, and descriptive text, select the students who are involved, and enter specific notes on each. If your building's configuration allows it, you can also assign one of three roles to each student: Offender, Victim, or Witness. If your building is not configured for this, the students' roles will be assigned by the disciplinarian.

How Referrals Are Processed in eSchoolPlus

Once a classroom or conduct-related issue has been referred to eSchoolPlus, the assigned staff member can:

  • Select a different disciplinarian or success plan coordinator, if necessary.
  • Generate a report that can be sent to the student's guardian, providing details on the issue and when appropriate, requesting a signature to verify the notification.
  • Escalate the issue to a discipline incident or success plan reason.
  • When escalating an issue to create a discipline incident, the disciplinarian can assign a role to each student as either an offender, victim, or witness. If appropriate, the disciplinarian can also choose to exclude a student entirely.
  • Return the issue to you for further action or with a request for more information. As needed, you can refer the issue back with additional input.
  • Mark the issue as resolved if there are no further actions to be taken.

You can track the status of a referral in TAC's Conduct Referral List or Classroom Issues List page. When a referral's status changes in eSchoolPlus, the change is reflected in the list page's Status field.

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