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View List of Students in a Course

Use the Class List window to view or print the list of students scheduled for a course. The page also displays the course's Master Schedule session information, including the period, teacher, room, cycle days, and marking periods. In addition, from this window, you can access the Schedule Entry page of any student shown on the list.

View or print list of students enrolled in a course

The Class List window can be accessed from the following pages:

Master Schedule page

  1. Select Scheduling > Courses > Course Sections > Master Schedule.
  2. Click a Course link to display the Master Schedule page.
  3. On the Master Schedule page, click Additional options at the upper right, then select Class List.

Schedule Entry page

  1. Select Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student > Schedule Entry.
  2. Click a Student Name link to display the Schedule Entry page.
  3. On the Schedule Entry page, select the checkbox in the course's Action column. The checkbox only displays for courses that are scheduled.
  4. Click Action, then select Class List.


After accessing the Class List as described above:

  • To print the list, click Print at the lower right to open a PDF file, click Print to display a Print window, then click Print.
  • To display a student's Schedule Entry page, click the student's Name link.
  • To close the window, click OK at the lower right.
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