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Tables Used in Conduct Referrals

Conduct Referrals use many of the tables that apply to other parts of the eSchoolPlus Behavior system. Several tables are also set up in eSchoolPlus specifically for supporting the Classroom Issues and Conduct Referral options in Teacher Access Center (TAC).

To access validation tables, select Administration > General Setup > District > Validation Tables.

Discipline Tables

The following Discipline tables are used for conduct referrals:

  • Incident/Offense Codes - Assigned to conduct referrals by disciplinarians when escalating a referral to a behavior incident. The code selected applies to all offenders in an incident and displays in the Offense fields on Behavior pages.
  • Locations - Used in Location fields in eSchoolPlus. For related information, refer to TAC's Issue Locations table below.
  • Offense Categories - Used in the Offense Category field in eSchoolPlus.

Teacher Access Center Tables

The following Teacher Access Center tables are used for conduct referrals:

  • Issue Actions - Used in the Corrective Action field in the Teacher Actions section of TAC pages to validate the actions taken by teachers in response to classroom issues. The codes also display in this field in the Teacher panel of eSchoolPlus's Behavior Referral page. These codes do not apply to conduct referrals.
  • Issue Locations - Used in the Location fields in TAC to validate the locations where issues occurred. This table is different from eSchoolPlus's Locations table. To link the two types of locations, a field is provided in the TAC table for entering eSchoolPlus behavior location codes. This enables a TAC location code to be converted to its eSchoolPlus equivalent, when an issue is referred.

TAC Setup Options

In eSchoolPlus versions prior to 4.0, the Issues table was a validation table, but this table is now part of the TAC Setup options in 4.0. To access the Issues table, select Administration > TAC Setup > Setup > Issues.

  • Issues - Used in the Type field in TAC to validate specific types of conduct referrals and classroom issues. The use of the Type field in TAC depends on eSchoolPlus's TAC Building Configuration page.
    • If the page's Conduct Referral Types May Be Set by Teachers/Substitutes checkbox is selected, then teachers can select a type from the Issues table when entering conduct referrals.
    • If the box is unchecked, a default type can be selected from the table to apply to all conduct referrals entered in TAC, in which case teachers will not be able to select a type. However, they can select a type for all classroom issues, including those referred to eSchoolPlus as conduct referrals.
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