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Specifying Dates for Behavior Criteria Calculation

You must calculate letters on a daily basis or, if you calculate once a week, over a range of dates so that students receive the correct letters. The following examples illustrate the effects of calculating over a range versus calculating for only certain dates. Letter 1 is a warning notice sent to students who were caught fighting once, and Letter 2 is a suspension notice sent to students who were caught fighting for the second time.

Example 1: If you calculate letters daily

Letters will be calculated for each day, and students will be matched with the letter criteria. The result is that guardians of a student caught fighting once would receive Letter 1, warning that the student will be suspended if caught fighting again. The student's next behavior incident involving fighting would result in Letter 2, a suspension notice.

Example 2: If you calculate letters over a range of dates

The system will run separate calculations for each day in the range. For instance, if you calculate on a Friday for a range of dates including Monday through Friday, the system will generate five calculation runs, one for each day.

The guardians of a student caught fighting on Monday and Friday would receive two letters: the Letter 1 warning notice for the first incident and the Letter 2 suspension notice for the second incident.

However, if you ran the calculation with the First End Date and Second End Date both equal to Friday, only one suspension letter would be generated, with both incidents listed.

Example 3: If you do not calculate letters daily or over a range of dates

Letters will not be calculated for each day, making it possible for a student to be missed in the letter criteria.

For instance, if you calculate letters once a week, but for only one date, a student who had multiple incidents may not receive all of the appropriate letters. If the student was in a fight on Monday and another on Thursday, running the calculation on Friday would generate a suspension notice based on the two incidents, provided you used a Start Date on or before the first incident's date. However, in this case, a warning notice would not be generated for the first incident.

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