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Sign Out of eSchoolPlus

The following procedure takes you through the steps to sign out of eSchoolPlus.

Sign out of eSchoolPlus

  1. Save any changes, and then click your initials to display the user menu. Select Sign Out.
  2. When the Logged Out page displays, you have been signed out of eSchoolPlus.


Browsing away from eSchoolPlus will not sign you out of the system. You will remain signed in until you manually log out, or, you are automatically signed out when the system detects that the district-specified number of minutes have elapsed since your last activity in eSchoolPlus.

Automatic Sign Out

Your district determines if the automatic signout feature will sign out users after a specified inactivity period in the eSchoolPlus application.

  • Check with your system administrator to determine if your district has enabled this feature.
  • The system default is 30 minutes; but your district may set a different length of time.
  • The timeout feature employs Microsoft's slidingExpiration attribute. To minimize database accesses, the timeout feature does not check activity or reset the signout time period until after half of the assigned signout period has expired. Activity after the half signout period point resets the time remaining to the assigned signout time period.

Two minutes prior to automatic signout, the eSchoolPlus page darkens, and a warning pop-up displays.

  • To continue working in the current session, click Keep session open.
  • If you either click Ignore or do not click Keep session open, you will be signed out approximately two minutes after the pop-up first displays, and the session will end.


During automatic signout, the system will not save data entry or changes made before signing you out. Save your work frequently to avoid losing data.

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