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Set Environment

The Environment window lets you select the school year and the summer school environment. If you have access to multiple databases, it enables you to change databases. If you have appropriate security, it allows you to impersonate other users.

Environment displays as a drop-down from the eSchoolPlus Navigation bar. It also displays the first time you log into eSchoolPlus and any time cookies are cleared, because its content is saved in a cookie.

Change Environment settings

  1. Click the Environment drop-down menu on the eSchoolPlus Navigation bar.
    Set Environment drop-down menu
  2. Make selections in the Environment drop-down menu.
  3. Click OK.





Displays the database server. This field is read-only.


If you have access to multiple databases, select a database.

School Year

Select the school year. The selected school year displays on the Environment drop-down.

  • If the current year is selected, the background displays in blue and is identified as the Current Year.
  • If a prior year is selected, the background displays in pink and is identified as a Prior Year.
  • If a future year is selected, the background displays in green and is identified as a Next Year.

Note: If you are using a device with a small screen, Current Year, Prior Year, and Next Year do not display next to the school year.

Summer School

Checked to access eSchoolPlus in the Summer School environment for the selected school year. When selected, the

(Summer School) icon displays next to the school year on the Environment drop-down.

User to Impersonate

If you have security to impersonate teachers or other eSchoolPlus users, enter two or more characters to search for and select a user.

If the selected user is a teacher (has a Login ID on the Staff District Information page), click OK to open Teacher Access Center and impersonate the selected teacher.

If the selected user is not a teacher, click OK to impersonate the user in eSchoolPlus.

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