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Request Load/Unload/Erase Page

Use this page to add or delete one or more course requests for groups of students enrolled in the selected building. You can also delete all requests for the selected students. A log is generated listing the students who have had requests added or deleted, along with the corresponding course numbers for each student.

Use this option regularly to delete requests for inactive students. Otherwise, information in reports such as the Simple Tally may be affected.

If you select Erase All as the Action, all requests for the selected students will be deleted. Back up your database before running this option. You can limit the deletions by using the 2 - Mass Unload option and then selecting specific courses in the Course List section.

Mass load, unload, or erase student requests

  1. Select Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student Utilities > Request Load/Unload/Erase.
  2. Specify the report options.
  3. In the Courses section, select the course-sections to be added or removed.
  4. In the Filter panel, enter criteria to identify the students to include, then click Load to display the students in the Selected Students panel.
    To load a request based on a course students had last year, include the master schedule course and previous school year in your criteria. For example, you can search for all students who took French I last year and assign French II as a request.
  5. Review the students listed.
    If a student should not be included, check the
     (Delete) box on the student's row and then click 
     (Delete) on the Selected Students bar.
  6. Click Run.
    If you selected the Erase All option, click Yes in the Question dialog to delete all course requests for the students selected. Click No to cancel.
  7. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.


Prompts Panel




The building of the students who will have requests added, removed, or erased.


Indicates the action to be taken.


Erase All - to delete all course requests for the selected students. Always back up the database before running this action.
Mass Load - to add the requests in the Course List for the students selected.
Mass Unload - to delete the courses in the Course List from the selected students' requests. The log generated does not identify students who do not have the requests specified for deletion.

If your district uses the District Course Catalog and requests are entered through Student Career Planner in eSchoolPlus or Home Access Center, these requests have -1 assigned as their building codes, since students' future year buildings have not yet been assigned. When you run the Erase All option, district requests are erased along with those associated with the building code you entered.

While you cannot use Mass Load to load district requests, you can import them by running the Scheduler Error Scan (Scheduling > Student Schedules > Student Scheduler > Scheduler Error Scan) and using the Import District Requests option. Running this option assigns students' next year buildings to the district requests.

Scheduling Interval

The scheduling interval for these requests. The scheduler (Schedule Students option) uses the scheduling interval to determine the requests and courses that will be scheduled.

If the building has multiple intervals, you must remember to change the scheduling interval to the appropriate interval when entering requests.

Overload a Teacher's Course

Checked if the requests should be added with their Overload Teacher fields checked. This allows students to be enrolled in the course, even if doing so exceeds the value in the Maximum Teacher Load field in the Staff District Information page (Registration Center > Staff Information). If you are not using Teacher Loads (the Maximum Teacher Load field in the Staff Catalog has a value of 0) or do not want to override the Teacher Load, then leave this field blank.

This field is only available with the Mass Load option. Also, you must have the appropriate security resource to override the Teacher Load.

Request Type

Indicates the type of request.


Regular - to indicate the requests are not alternates.
Student Alternate - to indicate the requests are alternates that can be used when any other regular request cannot be scheduled.

This field is only available with the Mass Load option.

Lock Request

Checked if you want to prevent guardians or students from removing the requested courses in Home Access Center's Course Requests and Career Plan options. We recommend you select this option when loading core and other required courses as requests.

This field is only available with the Mass Load option.

Prerequisite Checking

Indicates whether requests should be loaded when students have not taken the prerequisite courses. The log generated by the update reports these instances, regardless of whether you allow the requests to be added.

This field is only available if you select the Mass Load option and your Scheduling Building Configuration is set for prerequisite checking.


Log Errors - Add Requests - to log instances where the prerequisites have not been met for requested courses, but add the these requests anyway.
Log Errors - Do Not Add Requests - to log instances where the prerequisites have not been met for requested courses, and prevent these requests from being added.
None - to add the requests without checking for prerequisites. Should you use this option, keep in mind that the system will not check again for prerequisites for the requests loaded.

Courses Section

You cannot access this section with Erase All as the Action.




Code identifying the course you want to add or delete requests for.


The number of a specific course-section being requested. Enter a section if you want the students to only be scheduled into this course-section; leave blank if the students can be scheduled into any section of the course.


To delete a record, select the row's Delete checkbox, then click Save.

Selected Students Panel

This panel is display only. The list of students is based on your search criteria.




Checked if you want to remove the student from the list. The student is deleted when you click

(Delete) on the Selected Students bar.

Student ID

Student's identification number.


Student's full name (Last Name, First Name Middle Name).


The student's building.


In the current year, the student's grade as entered in Entry/Withdrawal. In the next year, the student's next grade as entered in the Registration Information page's Next Year tab (Student Center > Demographic > Registration).


Student's school house/team. House/teams are used to select students when scheduling courses.

CounselorID and name of the student's guidance counselor.


Indicates the student's status in the current year: Active, Inactive, Pre-Registered, or Graduated.

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