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The Behavior System provides various reports for tracking behavior incident information, as well as widgets that can be added to your Home page to provide at-a-glance access to specific Behavior information.

Behavior System Reports

The Behavior System's Reports menu (Interventions > All > Reports) includes options for tracking behavior incident information by student, building, or district. You can also generate a report on conduct referrals for students using the Referral Report window, which can be accessed from the Additional Options menu on the Behavior Referrals Page and Incident Detail Page for Incidents that originated as referrals.

Incident Averages Report

Lists the total number of incidents by incident type per month and the average number of incidents per day for the incident type. The report includes a total and daily average for a building and for all buildings included in the report.

Incident Averages Page

Daily Action Report

Lists the students who are assigned to serve behavior actions each day within a specified date range.

Daily Action Page

Incident Action/Attendance Verification Report

Compares behavior action information and attendance information so you can verify that the correct attendance has been recorded. For example, you could use this report to list all students who were scheduled to serve In-School Suspensions but do not have attendance entries for the date.

Incident Action/Attendance Verification Report Page

Incidents Report

Lists incident information for the selected building. The report can list general incident information and offender, victim, and/or witness information, depending on the options you specify.

Incidents Page

Student Incident Detail Report
Lists incident information for a student for incidents that occur within a selected date range. You can choose to print detail incident information or a summary of the incidents.

Student Incident Detail Report Page

Referral Report

Generates printable reports for each student involved in a conduct referral or a behavior incident that originated as a conduct referral. You can generate the reports for your files or send them to students' guardians for their signatures.

Print Behavior Referral Reports

Tracking Behavior Information on the Home Page

Widgets can be added to your Home page to provide links for accessing Today's Action List page for incidents related to specific actions, such as suspensions and detentions, as well as the total number of actions and conduct referrals for today's date. You can link to the Behavioral Referral Search page to find specific conduct referrals. Additionally, you can display a pie chart or graph for the actions for your building. Your access to information and student records using the Behavior widgets depends on your building security.


Displays the number of conduct referrals today and the total incidents you have entered to date in the current school year for all buildings where you have security. The widget also provides a breakdown of today's actions, such as detentions and suspensions, as defined in the Behavior District Configuration page.

Behavior Chart

Displays a graphic breakdown of an action by a parameter such as building, gender, or grade. Use the

(Settings) icon to define the action and breakdown parameter, for example, to display the number of in-school suspensions by grade.

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