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Remove Communications

Use this page to view the students who will receive the notification for the trigger date. You can remove one or more students from the notification list, if needed.

If a notification criterion is defined to create an incident in the Discipline package, you cannot delete notifications that were generated based on this criterion.

If a notification criterion is defined to update students' activity eligibility or at risk status, deleting the notification will not change information related to a student's change in status.

  • For activity eligibility, the attendance information on the Activities page displays the calculated eligibility status and the duration that the status should apply. Additionally, the Ineligibility Reason and Attendance Detail columns display detailed information about the absences that met the notification criterion. If you remove the notification for the student, the status and duration information are retained but the Ineligibility Reason displays as Eligible.
  • For at risk, the Attendance Factor on the At Risk Detail page displays the student's calculated at risk status for attendance, as well as the at risk reason generated by the notification calculation. Removing the related notification has no effect on the factor's status, the reason generated, or the student's overall at risk status.


Building Panel

The following information displays on the panel's bar:




Building associated with the attendance notification.


Date on which absences resulted in a notification.


Code of the attendance notification criterion that was met.

Student List Section (unlabeled)



Student ID

ID of the student.

Student Name

Name of the student.


To delete a student, select the row's Delete checkbox, then click Save.

To delete all students, click the

icon in the column's header to select all checkboxes, then click Save.

Attendance Communications Fields (unlabeled)

To display attendance communications information for a student, click

(Expand) next to the student's name.



Att(endance) Date

Date of the attendance that was included in the notification.

Sent Letter

Indicates if the notification has been included in the merge file for attendance notification letters.

Sent Notification

Indicates if the notification has been sent electronically via the PLUS 360 Notifications engine to users configured to receive notifications and optional email notifications (eSchoolPlus users who have the required security resource; the student's Counselor; and the SSP Coordinator).


Indicates if the notification was calculated to be invalid because attendance information was changed. For example, if a student received a notification for 3 unlawful absences, but attendance was changed for one of those days so now the student only has a total of 2 unlawful absences on the trigger date.

Course Info

Displays the course code and description for the course associated with the attendance record. The course information only displays if the notification criterion is defined to calculate based on attendance bottomline and the building is configured to take attendance in one of the following ways:

  • By period, and then use the timetable to validate time.
  • By timeslot.

Otherwise, N/A displays.

Att(endance) Per(iod)

If the notification criteria is based on attendance bottomline, the period for which attendance was entered.

Otherwise, N/A displays.

Att(endance) Code

Displays the attendance bottomline code, state group code, or district group code for the period or the attendance code, state group code, or district group code for the student's day total record.

Att(endance) Count

Displays the attendance count for the record.

Absence Info

Displays information about the absence totals for the notification. The information that displays is based on how the attendance notification criterion was defined.

The following examples illustrate the possible values:

1 Absence - criterion defined to calculate based on attendance bottomline absences.

.5 Days - criterion defined to calculate based on day totals day view value.

100 Absence Minutes - criterion defined to calculate based on attendance bottomline minutes absent or day totals absent minutes.

100 Present Minutes - criterion defined to calculate based on day totals present minutes.

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