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RC Alternate Language Setup Page

Use this page to define alternate language descriptions for labels on the report card. Translations are used to print report cards for standards and competencies.

Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Setup > RC Alternate Language Setup

Enter alternate language translations

  1. Select Administration > Mark Reporting Setup > Setup > RC Alternate Language Setup.
  2. In the Alternate Language field, select the language.
  3. Enter alternate language text for the labels.
  4. Click Save.


Language Selection Panel



Alternate Language

Select the language for the alternate language translations.

Translations can be entered for languages that are defined with the Alternate Language checkbox selected in the Languages validation table.

Alternate Language Configuration Panel




Displays the text of the label as it displays on the standard report card.

Alternate Language Label

Enter the appropriate translation of the report card label in the selected language. Translated text should be similar in length to the English label. Character/50

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