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Pinnacle and eSchoolPlus Integration

This topic provides an overview of the integration between Pinnacle and eSchoolPlus. It does not include the technical information required to set up Pinnacle to work with eSchoolPlus.

Pinnacle and eSchoolPlus need to share information between the two systems. Student data, such as demographics and schedules, in eSchoolPlus needs to be available to Pinnacle and Pinnacle's Gradebook data needs to be loaded to eSchoolPlus attendance, progress reports, and report cards tables.

  1. Student data from eSchoolPlus is made available to Pinnacle in ODBC-compliant database views. The views pull student data into the format required by Pinnacle.
  2. Teachers use Pinnacle on an ongoing basis to enter Gradebook data.
  3. An administrator exports data from Pinnacle to staging tables in the eSchoolPlus database. Refer to the Pinnacle documentation for information about moving data to the staging tables.
  4. An administrator runs the Administration > Utilities > Integration > Pinnacle Import Utility to import data from the staging tables to the base eSchoolPlus tables.
  5. After data has been imported, users of eSchoolPlus will be able to access the data.
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