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Overview of Progress Dates

Progress reports are created based on a progress report date. The progress report date selected when you enter records determines the courses for which information can be entered. You can only record marks and comments for courses in which the student is actively enrolled on the progress date. Student records are not created for a progress date unless you enter at least one mark, comment, or absence total for the student.

Additionally, progress reports use the progress date to determine the records to print. For example, the Print Progress Reports option requires you to enter the progress date for which you want to print progress information. Only records added for the selected date will be printed on the card.

How Progress Dates are Created

Progress dates are defined as a standard set of dates for the building or as an individual progress run for a student:

  • If progress dates are defined by standard dates, dates are set up for the year for the entire building using the Progress Runs option. For example, if your building reports on progress at mid-marking period and you have 4 marking periods, 4 dates may be created for your building.
    For building-defined progress dates, the building administrator can specify that a date is used for eligibility purposes. You would use this option if teachers are only expected to grade students who are participating in an activity that is defined to check for eligibility for that marking period. For an eligibility progress run, teachers uses Teacher Access Center (TAC)'s Grade Reporting > Eligibility option to access classes for grading. This option displays only students who need to be graded for activities this marking period so it helps the teachers quickly identify the students to grade. Refer to the About Eligibility Progress Dates section that follows for more information.
  • If teachers need to report progress information on other dates, the teachers or administrators can create an individual progress report date for a student.
    In eSchoolPlus, an individual progress run can be created on the Progress Entry by Course page by checking the Individual box and entering the date to use when selecting students. In TAC, teachers can click an Individual button in the class chooser when selecting the class to grade. 
    Since reports use the progress date to select records, make sure that users are using the appropriate date so reports can be generated correctly. You cannot print verification sheets or run the Student Mark Summary report for dates that were entered as individual run dates.

About Eligibility Progress Dates

Although you can calculate eligibility based on any run, you may want to specify that a run is used for eligibility in order to make progress entry easier for teachers in Teacher Access Center.

When teachers are grading students for a progress run defined as an eligibility run, they use the Grade Reporting > Eligibility option to access their classes. This option will show only students who need to be graded for eligibility in the current marking period. This helps the teachers see who needs to be graded.

Specifying a progress date as an eligibility date affects how the following reports process the run:

  • Progress Verification Sheet - The report will only list students participating in an activity that checks for eligibility for the marking period. If the teacher has entered marks for any other students, the information entered will not print on the verification sheets.
  • Missing Submissions - The report will only list a course where an enrolled student is participating in an activity that checks for eligibility for the marking period. The system assumes that submissions are only required if a student in the class needs to have progress information reported for eligibility.
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