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Office/Teacher Attendance Verification

Use the Office/Teacher Attendance Verification to reconcile student attendance where the final attendance recorded by the teacher differs from the official bottomline attendance. For example, your school policy may count a student as present if the student completes an assignment or participates in another way after the class period. In those scenarios, you may need to verify attendance where the student has a bottomline indicating they are absent, but then the teacher entered attendance for the student's participation. 

This option is useful for schools that use the office entry as the bottomline attendance because it allows you to compare the bottomline entry to the last teacher entry. If the teacher's attendance entry should be the student's bottomline attendance for the period, then enter the same code for the office entry.  

Verify Teacher Attendance

  1. Select Attendance > All > Office > Office/Teacher Attendance Verification.
  2. Enter the relevant Building, Attendance Date, and attendance periods.
  3. In the Verify Bottomline Codes field, select the attendance codes to verify.
  4. Select at least one of the teacher attendance options to choose the records to verify:
    • To review only specific attendance codes, select the codes in the Include Teacher Entry Codes field.
    • To review attendance records where the teacher did not enter attendance, select the Include Records with No Teacher Entry checkbox.
  5. Click Load.
  6. For the Attendance prompts, enter the attendance code and comment to default to the records you update.
  7. To apply the default attendance code to all records, select the checkbox in the Default column header.
  8. To apply the default comment to all records, select the checkbox in the Comments column header.
  9. Update individual records as needed:
    • To apply the default code, select the Default checkbox for the row.
    • To apply the default comment, select the checkbox in the Comments field for the row.
    • To enter different values, select the attendance in the Code field or entering a comment for the row. 
  10. Click Save.
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