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Mass Load Grades Page

Use this utility to select a list of courses and mass load grades to a single mark type for the list of selected course. It includes the flexibility to load different mark values to each course and the option to update or not update grades that already exist in individual student's records.

Mass load grade for students in selected course-sections

  1. Select Mark Reporting > Utilities > Mass Update/Load > Mass Load Grades.
  2. Specify the calculation options.
  3. In the Filter panel, enter criteria to select the course-sections for which you want to mass load a grade.
  4. Click Load to display the list of course-sections to update.
  5. To skip a course-section so it is not processed, select its
     (Delete) box.
  6. To change the grade to load for course-sections, click Edit either in the Value column header or on the row for each course-section to change.
  7. Click Run.
  8. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.


Prompts Panel



Task/Report Name

Enter the name for the report file generated as part of this utility. Mass Load Grades is the default name.


Select building for courses to be updated.

Mark Type

Select the mark type to be updated. For example the selected building may have a mark type for Marking Period (MP), Semester (SEM), and Exam Grade (EXAM).

Marking Periods

Select the Marking Period for the selected Mark Type. If the Mark Type is issued more than once a year, a single marking period must be selected. For example, if the SEM mark type is issued marking period M2 and M4, you would select M2 for the first semester. Then run the utility again to load the SEM for M4. If you select a mark that is defined to be issued once per year, this field is not accessible.


Select the grade to load for students in courses selected when you run the mass load.

Only Update Blank Marks

Checked if a student's mark should only be updated if it is currently blank. If unchecked, existing student marks will be updated.

As Of Date

Determines the students to update based on the date that students were enrolled for the course-sections.


Today - to include the students enrolled for a course as of today.
Selected Date - to specify the as of date to use to select enrolled students.

Selected Courses Panel




If you do not want to mass load a grade for a course-section, select the row's Delete checkbox. When you click Run, course-sections where the Delete checkbox is checked will not be processed.


Course and section number for which the mark value will be mass loaded.


Description of the course.


Building where the course meets.


Mark that will be loaded for students in the course-section.

  • To open this field so you can enter different values for course-sections, click Edit in the Value column header.
  • To change the value for one course-section, click Edit in the course-section's row.
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