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Mass Add Medication Doses Page

Use this page to mass add PRN medications for students. For example, you can mass add records to indicate that all students can receive Benadryl and Tylenol. Then you can update individual student records if a student's emergency information indicates that their parents have not given permission for the students to be given the non-prescription medications.

Mass add medication doses

  1. Select Medical > All > Utilities > Mass Add Medication Doses.
  2. On the Prompts panel, enter the PRN medication information to add.
  3. On the Filter panel, enter criteria to search for the students to update.
  4. Click Load to run the search and display students on the Selected Students panel.
  5. Review the records carefully.
    If a student should not be included in the update, select the student's
     (Delete) checkbox, then click
     (Delete) on the right side of the panel's title bar to remove the record.
  6. Click Run.
  7. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.


Prompts Panel




Enrollment building for students for whom you want to add medications.


Select the PRN medications that you want to mass add to students.

Start Date

Date on which the students may start receiving the medication.

End Date

Last date on which the students may receive the medication.

Selected Students Panel

After using the Filter panel to enter criteria, click Load to run the search and display the results on this panel.

To remove a record so the student is not updated, select its

 (Delete) checkbox, then click
 (Delete) on the right side of the panel's title bar.

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