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Lockers Mass Update Page

Use this page to mass update data for selected lockers.

Menu Path: Registration > Utilities > Tools > Lockers Mass Update


Once you complete a mass update, there is no way to undo your changes unless you back up database tables.

Back up your database tables before running a mass update. You can restore data from the backup if you are not satisfied with the mass update results.

Mass update locker information

  1. Back up your database.
  2. Select Registration > Utilities > Tools > Lockers Mass Update.
  3. On the Prompts panel:
    • In the Area and Field Name fields, identify the field you want to update in the locker records.
    • In the New Value field, enter the value to use to replace existing values in the locker records.
  4. To identify an additional field and the new value to assign, click the Add button, then repeat Step 3.
  5. On the Filter panel, enter criteria to search for the records to update, then click Load to run the search.
  6. Review the lockers on the Records To Be Updated panel.
    • If a record should not be included in the update, select its
       (Delete) checkbox, then click
       (Delete) on the panel's title bar.
  7. On the Run panel, select Now to run the mass update immediately or Once to schedule the process for a specified Time and Date.
  8. Click Run.
    After the process runs, use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation Bar to retrieve the mass update log.


Prompts Panel

This panel enables you to identify one or more fields for mass updating. 




Use the following Actions buttons as needed:


Adds a blank row above the current row.


Deletes the current row.


Identifies the table containing the field you want to update.

Field Name

Select the field you want to update.

New Value

Enter the value you want to use to replace the existing value in the selected field for the records found in your search.

For example, you could change the locker description title for a group of lockers from Homeroom Smith to Homeroom James by entering the following values on the Prompts panel:



Field Name:

Locker Desc

New Value:

Homeroom James

Use the Filter panel to search for the lockers that have a description of Homeroom Smith. Before running the mass update, verify that the lockers on the Records To Be Updated panel are the ones you want to change.

Records To Be Updated Panel

After using the Filter panel to enter criteria, click Load to run the search and display the results on this panel.

To skip updating a locker, select its

(Delete) checkbox, then click
(Delete) on the right side of the panel's title bar to remove the record.

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