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GPA Calculation

The GPA Calculation calculates student grade point averages (GPAs) based on the GPA setups for your district. It creates GPA records for students and then calculates the current and cumulative GPA for the records. After you calculate GPA information, you can run the Rank Calculation and then run the Rank Report to print the class rank information.

To learn about the eSchoolPlus GPA calculation and the options available for specifying the rules for GPAs, refer to the following topics:

Run GPA Calculation

  1. Select Mark Reporting > Utilities > Calculations > GPA Calculation.
  2. Specify the calculation options.



    Run Calculation For


    Only for Prompted RC Run/Term/Year - to calculate GPAs for the selected period for the GPA type.
    Everything Through the Prompted RC Run/Term/Year - to calculate GPAs for all prior GPA records for the student through the selected period for the GPA type.

    Note that if a student has a GPA record that has the Needs Recalculation checkbox selected, then all of the student's GPA records will be recalculated from the rank period for which the record needs to be recalculated, regardless of the option selected for this field.

    Maximum RC Run

    Select this checkbox to choose the maximum report card run for which marks will be included in the GPA calculation. Typically, you would not need to select this option. But, it is useful in situations where you are calculating a GPA during marking period 4 and a teacher has entered marks for marking period 4 in advance of when marks are typically entered.

    If you select this checkbox, then specify the maximum report card run for the marks to include in the GPA. Marks for report card runs before or equal to the selected report card run will be included in the GPA calculation. For example, to exclude marks entered early for marking period 4, select the report card run for marking period 3.

    This option does not override the report card run designated as the current report card run in the MR Building Configuration. The current report card run is used to determine the mark type to use when calculating the GPA. For example, if the GPA type is defined to calculate GPA on the final mark (issued once per year) or the semester mark, the GPA calculation will compare the last marking period of the course to the current report card run to determine if the course is ended. If the current report card run is before the report card run that includes the last marking period of the course, the final mark will not be used.

  3. Click Run.
  4. Use the Tasks/Reports options on the Navigation bar to view task status and retrieve reports.

Troubleshooting the GPA Calculation

  • If GPAs are not calculating correctly, select to Log All Activity, and enter a filter to select a single student. The log lists detailed information that will help you to identify why the GPA is not calculating correctly.
  • The calculation uses a precision of 13 places when calculating the quality points, attempted credits, and GPA. The log file and the GPA Detail page show these values with less precision. Therefore, you may receive different results if you hand calculate the GPA based on the attempted credit and quality points shown.
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