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Generate District-Defined Data Page

You can mass enter data for a district-defined page for selected students who do not already have a record for the page.


Once you complete a mass update, there is no way to undo your changes unless you back up database tables.

Back up your database tables before running a mass update. You can restore data from the backup if you are not satisfied with the mass update results.

Generate mass update information for district-defined pages

  1. Back up your database.
  2. Select Registration > Utilities > Tools > Generate District-Defined Data.
  3. On the Prompts panel, select the district-defined page, and then enter the information to be generated.
  4. Select the students for the update using the Filter panel. Enter the desired search criteria and click Load.
  5. To remove students from the Records To Be Updated panel, select their checkboxes in the
     (Delete) column.
  6. Click Run at the top right of the page.
  7. After the process runs, review the Generate Student District-Defined Data file to view the update's results.
    To locate the report, click Tasks/Reports on the Navigation bar. The log will be listed on the Tasks and Reports page's Reports panel.


Prompts Panel

This panel initially displays a single field: District Defined Page. Select the district-defined page to display additional fields that are specific to the selected page.

Filter Panel

Use the Filter panel to select the students to receive the update information. After you enter your criteria, click Load to run the search and display the results on the Records To Be Updated panel.




Select the following actions as needed:


Copies the current row to a new row below it. You should modify one or more fields in this row to create a unique statement.


Adds a blank row above the current row.


Deletes the current row.

As you start a row, a blank row is added at the bottom for entering another row.



AND - to limit records retrieved to those matching only criteria specified in both rows.
OR - to return records that match the current line or the line above it.


Displays the order in which rows are evaluated.


Select the table for the field you want to use to filter records.

Field Name

Select the field you want to use to filter records.


Select the condition you want to use to filter records. The conditions available depend on the selected field's data type. For more information, refer to Search Conditions.


Enter the value you want to use to filter records. If you selected the Is In condition, enter values in a comma-delimited list.

Selected Students Panel

After using the Filter panel to enter criteria, click Load to run the search and display the results on this panel.




Select to exclude a student's record from this update.

You can click

(Delete) in the column header to alternately select or deselect all students.

Student ID

Identifies the students to receive this update by their Student ID. In the first row, you can add a student by entering a student ID and clicking Search in the Name field of the first row.


Identifies the students to receive this update by Last Name, First Name. In the first row, you can add a student by clicking Search. The Student Search dialog displays, and you can search for students, select a displayed student in the Students section of the dialog, and click OK to add the student to the Selected Students panel.


Identifies the student's building.


Identifies the student's grade level.


Identifies the student's house/team.


Identifies the student's counselor.


Identifies the student's status.

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