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Filtering Reports

Filters allow you to select the records to include in a report or in a process. The system compares your criteria against the corresponding fields in the records being searched and selects only those records containing data that matches.

Your filter will be saved as the default filter for the next time you run the report or option.

For detailed Search information and procedures, refer to the Search Quick Start Guide or the Search topics in the online help system.

Filtering records processed:

  1. In the criteria lines, define the criteria to select records. For detailed information about search criteria, refer to the Defining Criteria Statements section of the Understanding Advanced Searches topic in the Search Quick Start Guide or the Search topics in the online help system.
    Area: Select the table to search.
    Field Name: Select the field to search.
    Condition: Select the condition to use in the search. The conditions available depend on the selected field's data type.
    Value: Enter the value to use in the search. If you selected the Is In condition, enter a comma-delimited list of values.
  2. If you defined more than one line of criteria, select the boolean operator for the current line and the line above it.
    And - to limit records retrieved to those matching all criteria specified.
    Or - to return records that match the current line or the line above it.

Deleting a line of filter criteria:

  • Click the Delete icon in the Actions column to instantly delete the corresponding line of filter criteria.

Clearing all filter criteria:

  • Click the Clear icon to instantly clear all filter fields.
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