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Fees Rollover Processing

The fees rollover process deletes student fees records for students whose records were deleted by Registration Rollover. It can purge additional fees information that no longer needs to be stored, based on a selected school year. The rollover also recalculates the student fees balance due for every registered student.

Refer to the Fees Rollover Page for details on running the rollover and to Year-End Rollover Procedures for descriptions of the tasks required to compete the overall year-end rollover process.

Base Processing

The first time Fees Rollover is run, these records are deleted: student fee audit, student fee groups, student fee items, and student payment records for any student who was deleted when you ran Registration Rollover.

Additionally, every time Fees Rollover is run, the balance due for student fees is recalculated for every registered student as the last step of the rollover.

Additional Purge Options

You can select whether additional fee information should be purged. You can run Fees Rollover for groups of buildings that need to have the same data purged. For example, you can run the rollover once to select all middle schools and purge all student fee information for students in middle school and then run it again to select all high schools to purge records for deleted students.

The following table lists the records that can be purged and indicates the purpose of the set of records.

Records you can purge

Notes about purging

Fee Groups, Items, and Textbooks

These records define how fee information is used for the year. All fee group, fee item, and textbook information is deleted for the selected school year and previous school years.

If you select to purge this information, the rollover automatically purges all other fee data (student fee audit, student fee student group, student fee items, student payments) for the selected school year.

Student Fees and Payments

These records store the student's fees, payments, credits, and refunds. Records are deleted from the following tables: student fee audit, student fee group, student fee items, student payments. If users should be able to view fees for a prior year, do not delete the student fees and payments.

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